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How It All Began

How It All Began

In 2014 we, founders David & Laura Bell, got married and began furnishing and decorating our first house. We then discovered our shared passion for creating, designing and building. After refinishing all the furniture and decor in the house and still having ideas left over, we began selling our woodwork at events and local flea markets. As our artistic and woodshop skills continued to grow and meld together, a creative team was born. We made it our goal to share delight by offering handmade decor pieces worth being proud of. Whether it’s a statement piece for the living room or a subtle accent on the nursery shelf, we’re honored to help our customers decorate their space with all the ‘bells and whistles’. That concept and our last name, Bell, is how we landed on the name.

Modern Machines and a Precision Product

Modern Machines & a Precision Product

When we launched our Etsy shop in 2016 experimenting with a variety of products and ideas, we found great interest in dimensional signs and cut-out lettering. That summer we purchased our first CNC router, a programmable cutting and engraving machine. As we grew our product line with more words and phrases, we also began making custom signs.

A Full-time Venture and a Growing Family

A Full-time Venture & a Growing Family

As the weekends and evenings became consumed with this side business and we itched for change, David decided to leave his engineering job and make the leap to be a full-time entrepreneur and woodworker. The following year after having our first child, Laura decided to leave her teaching job to stay home with the little one, which soon became staying home with two when our second daughter was born. When she’s not feeding toddlers or cleaning up messes, Laura answers customer messages and manages the marketing team.

Inspired by the Mountains

Inspired by the Mountains

While demand for our custom signs, names and words has continued, we wanted to create a new decor category - something inspired by nature that would be a statement piece for outdoor loving customers. In 2019 we launched our first ‘wood montage’ product line, wooden art pieces that are created by cutting and staining different wood pieces that fit together to become a beautiful landscape. We have been amazed how our customers share our desire to decorate with art that inspires and reminds them of the wild places we love so much.

Building our team and equipping our shop

Building our team & equipping our shop

When we couldn’t keep up with orders and tools began overflowing into the house, the decision to hire employees and move to a bigger space became clear.  We moved to a larger shop to accommodate new tools to improve the production process.  We’ve also grown our team to 8 employees who help with production, marketing and web design.  If you scroll through our Instagram long enough, you’ll even spot the cats and dogs who call our shop home.